I came across this project this week and was immediately blown away by both the texture of Dizzy Dames vocals, as well as his writing, but also the lavish and diverse production on his new project Something Meaningful. Dames vocals feel to be drifting away, but his range is still impressive, and this is a feat that is quite difficult to pull off. His inflections match the various tempos and sounds of the instrumentals perfectly. “Smokin’ Hot Jessie” was one of my favorite tracks from the EP for this reason.

Instrumentally, there are several conventions used by the artist, as there are a variety of guitars and synths, as well as some more classical strings, as we hear with the track “Bed Head” and the crescendoing violin sounds that accent Dames’ singing wonderfully. I truly enjoyed this project and am floored at the fact that this EP is his first release. Dizzy Dames has a remarkably bright future.

Stream Something Meaningful here: