Aug 31, 2018

Let Denver’s Doze be the soundtrack to your holiday weekend.


by Mike_Squid


Doze is an artist you should already be paying attention to. After debuting some exceptional videos via Elevator earlier this year, Doze is back on our pages once again with the immersive new video for his newly released track “weight” (wait). The track’s main narrative focusses around the choices we make ourselves as well as the choices made by those around us and the interconnectivity shared by these decisions and their eventual consequences.

I won’t spoil the ending, but the visual, as well as the song, follows Doze’s journey to help a friend recovering from addiction. A topic, that unfortunately, I’m sure we’re all too familiar with. Doze and director Joe Zalan team up once again to bringing lyrics to life while captivating the audience both sonically and visually.

Doze’s depth continues to impress, while we look forward to new material from the enigmatic artist, start your weekend off right by watching Doze’s “weight” (wait) below. Or you can stream the track here. Enjoy.