DC artist El Cousteau kills it on “Karrueche” with a riveting flow spitting brash lyrics like “I grab her hand she go crazy/That bitch on birth control but still gon have my baby/Clip longer than my dick but I’m not insecure baby” attacking the beat with a furious flow that instantly grabbed my attention.. The song is insanely addictive and really good.

The video has a peculiar start showing the DC artist sitting on the couch between two Caucasian males in what appears to be a satirization of a conservative all American family, uptight and old school, before divulging into a nighttime scene with him and a handful of friends.

El Cousteau is a rising artist building a small buzz but with all the assets and the potential to be a major name in the music industry in the foreseeable future, this is only one example of his many dope tracks. From “I Say” to “Feel Good” he has plenty of bouncy bangers you can party to.

Watch the video for “Karrueche” below.