May 22, 2019

The Ohio artist is on a quiet come up leading to a big entrance into the music scene.


by jcaramanno

Submissions Manager

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Daydream Masi is a blissful and melodic mastermind when he rides the wave of the instrumental. His new single, “Stardust” offers a wide range of uplifting harmonies over a euphoric beat produced by Mike Irish and these two have a great understanding on how to create an ideal soul song with a bit of an altered sound in order to adhere to Masi’s uniqueness. The song is a wavy, laid back single with a catchy hook bound to be cemented in your memory after a few listens.

Masi has also already been signed by Interscope, which is rightfully so. It is evident Daydream Masi’s sound has mass appeal as he has garnered such elite attention with such a short discography. However, quality over quantity is what should be strived for and Daydream Masi embodies that expression. I am eager for Daydream Masi to start circulating on mainstream sources as his cadence can touch the lives of many listeners.

Indulge in “Stardust” below.