Jul 28, 2019

DavidTheTragic is one of the most tragically (get it?) underrated artists in Atlanta today.


by jgregory


This is the only project that I have ever written up over two weeks past its original release date, but DavidTheTragic is a talented enough artist for me to make him my exception to the rule. His new (relatively) project Fit In is funky and weird instrumentally as the beats don’t seem to follow any specific style consistently, oftentimes with funky or groovy melodies, or like his track “Swag” that is built around an other worldly synth melody. David is able to excel over nearly any instrumental style or BPM and is versatile with his flows and deliveries to keep it interesting for an entire project.

David’s deep vocals makes for a great rapper voice, but he is able to flip them for a sing-y change up that I always enjoy in his music. The only features on the project are from Boregard, Jazz Ingram, and Kenny Mason, and if you were not sure about Kenny Mason when you read the ‘Current State’ article, listen to his feature and get back to me with that criticism. However, this is DavidTheTragic’s show and a damn good one for that matter. I really enjoyed Fit In and hope to see him gain more traction from it.

Stream Fit In here: