Dec 4, 2019

Atlanta is going through a rejuvenating time period.


by jcaramanno

Submissions Manager

DavidTheTragic has recently been cementing himself as one of the front-runners on the rise out of the ever-growing hotspot of Atlanta and his latest project, Bender, only solidifies that statement. The short yet captivating project is nine songs in length and incorporates features from other prominent Atlanta emcees, Kenny Mason, Jazz Ingram, Ahjee Parker, Burgundy, and Jelani Imani. The Altlanta wave is coming together and this project is a solid glimpse into the bright future of the landscape of the growing Atlanta hip-hop scene. Comprised of various instrumentals in order to act as a platform for David to elevate his impactful verses and display his versatility to the fullest extent.

If you are not hip to DavidTheTragic yet then you must live under a rock because Atlanta is going through a bit of a cultural shift in the musical aspect and DavidTheTragic is one of the frontmost and recognizable members of the very altering landscape.

Please get hip and enjoy Bender below!