Daryn Alexus drops off a brand new video for us to premiere with “Wake Up”


by Duke



Washington DC singer Daryn Alexus has a beautiful voice. It’s like really, really good. Today we’re premiering her video for “Wake Up,” and I have to be honest, this song felt like a lullaby I was being sung and I had to keep myself from curling up with a blankie. The Cam Be-directed visual is stunning, with the bold colors of the set contrasting with Daryn’s ever-changing outfit. Peep the ill editing when Alexus is in the church and the outfit changes with the drums, I was like ayyyyyyyy. Watch the video below, and follow Alexus on Soundcloud for a free download of “Wake Up.” Also, we had a chance to chat with Daryn about the song and what was coming next. Here’s what she had to say,

“This song and video is the beginning of a series from myself and my producer Dee Lilly. This is the wild flower series. We’ll be releasing several songs and videos over the next few months leading up to a new tape that’s currently untitled. Anyone who is familiar with our art, or even those unfamiliar, will see us, me and Dee Lilly, grow astronomically musically in ways not even we can imagine. We open to our process and letting it flow. Last but not least, I also chose the title Wildflower for this series because of this amazing quote I found “like wildflower, you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would” because we will be exploring several different sounds and approaches to music as wildflowers in a field are not one in the same but each equally beautiful collectively forming something great (have you ever seen a field of wild flowers?) Also, much of the content in these songs will be motivational and inspirational encouraging others to continue to grow as well.”