Sep 28, 2018

The Indiana crooner speaks from the shadows in his newest single.


by Mike_Squid


18-year-old Hoosier songbird Danny Cisco returns to the ELEVATOR pages today as he releases his latest single “daze” off of his upcoming EP entitled sadboysongs. Inspired by his battles with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts; “daze” is a cathartic composition where Cisco allows us to enter his thoughts at one of his most vulnerable moments.

It seems that night can be a very conflicting time for the Indiana native, as his thoughts often flow in conflicting themes, both positive and negative. That said, it’s clear he also finds peace knowing the day is over. “I love when the sun sets, it’ll come back, tomorrow will be fine – And I’ll be here at dawn ‘less I return this borrowed time.” This juxtapositional bar helps further fuel his frantic mindset as he ponders his faults, vices, and existence as he strives for happiness, success, and inner peace.

Get caught in a “daze” below: