Sep 8, 2015

Listen to this beautiful song by Daniela Andrade


by Duke



When I don’t know anything about an artist and I’m hearing their music for the first time, sometimes it’s tough to come up with something to write. So what I’ll do is just revert back to 5th grade and knock out a brain storm aka word cloud aka free association (depending on what your teacher called them) while I listen to the music. Then I’ll whittle it into some sentences and away we go, old blogging tricks on a Monday. Today I give you a look inside my brain as I leave my unedited brain storm up for your mild amusement. Yes I said sorry to Daniela Andrade for thinking of Jack Johnson immediately. Sorry for rambling, here’s Daniela’s song “Halfway.”

coughing acoustic strums jack johnson sorry whoa beautiful voice harmony row row row your boat what if i could find a way to repair all the damage so many excuses this recording is so raw maybe they did it in one take that would be crazy this is so good