Nov 19, 2018

The WEDIDIT artist shows skill behind the boards and on the mic.


by HOwens


Infinity 33 is D33J at his most versatile yet. The mixtape is not only a testament to his ability to produce hard-hitting atmospheric beats that propel artists out of their comfort zones, but it introduces us to the producer as a vocalist; solidifying him as a rapper to look out for in the near future.

Songs like “Out Of Sight” finds D33J staying behind the boards, allowing Lil Yachty to experiment and harmonize over his glossy, synth-heavy production, meanwhile, other songs like “Dogtalk” find D33J holding his own as an emcee next to A$AP Nast. It’s a mixed bag in all the best of ways, showing D33J’s talents as a spitter, a crooner and a beat craftsman.

Infinity 33 also features the likes of Yung Lean, Bladee, AJ Tracey and more. Stream the mixtape below.