Brooklyn has always been known for its dope music scene , with drill rap taking off as one of the cities signature sounds in the past years. Cypress Hills own Curtis Ray has come with, his own melodic approach as seen in his latest release title “40”. The track contains a composition of R&B vocals with a Hip Hop delivery all tied in one. The track kicks off with a sample from Usher 2001 “U Got It Bad” track “When you say that you love ‘her And you really know Everything that used to matter, it don’t matter no more “ to Ray later switching his sound from a R&B pocket to more a snappy rap tempo. Along with his vocal ability Ray is also a strong lyricist. Lyrics containing a series of punchlines, metaphoric phrases, all throughout the entire song broadly showcasing his versatility between the two arts Raping and Singing. “40”s Official video shot by Dee Sauce contains different performance scenes of Curtis Ray standing in front of a black BMW on a Brooklyn street corner accompanied by two peers ,too other visuals of him in a recording booth Nd studio. This track is definitely one of those catchy ones, and comes with a new authentic sound thats differ from the current Brooklyn scene. It’s always good to see someone go against the grain, most definitely looking forward to see what else Ray has got in stored. Curtis Ray 40 CHECK IT OUT Available on all streaming platforms, Watch Now on Youtube.