Jan 31, 2019

by ASadler


Curiosity killed the cat allegedly, but I’d counter with the fact curiosity is what lead to pineapples on pizza. Basically, curiosity makes the imagination run wild so it’s easy to identify with “What It Feel Like” from New Jersey-bred lyricist Diego Young and running buddy Big Space.

It’s a bar fest undeniably, but it’s simultaneously very fun and boy does he get into detail about the things they wanna do to these women. The hook is a testament to all of us who land that meetup after working a baddie on Instagram for some time. “Cause you been poppin’ all over my explore page, ass lookin’ better here in real life, other niggas wanna play you with their mind games, but I just wanna know what it feel like.” Gotta honor some black kings who keep it honest too. No mind games.

Diego is the hard-working guy who doesn’t get as much time for these women, so he truly savors these moments. “I’m so glad we met, usually I’m not around, I’m too busy getting checks, heard that you was bad but I’m honestly impressed oh yes, cause your body looking right in that dress oh yes.” Whereas Big seems like he’s always got the time to pull up any time and anywhere. “Hey lil mama I’m just tryna see what that pussy like, I’m just tryna pullup on you on the late night, shawty what’s your name, what’s your sign? Let’s sip on some fine wine while I hit you from behind.”

Young brings the gritty energy while Space’s voice conveys a more laidback sense, though the two match each other’s upbeat tempo over the Rain Beats-produced track. There is synergy in their differences as artists, the type of chemistry between opposites that cannot be forced. I’m curious as to what they put together the next time they work.

For Diego, this kicks off a new year under a new name. Last year, under the Troof Beats moniker, he dropped singles “Ballin” and “Revenge.” He’s bringing new energy to 2019 but maintaining the Troof Beats moniker when it comes to his production work. Being multi-talented with a good ear for beat selection along with that New Jersey grit, the best is yet to come.

Press play on this new single so you too can wonder “What It Feel Like.”