Jul 9, 2019

Cousin Stizz makes an emphatic return.


by jcaramanno

Submissions Manager

Cousin Stizz and City Girls have linked up to offer a glimpse of Stizz’s next album release. This summer hit is titled, “Perfect” and the riveting visual was executed by GlassFace. However, JT is still serving time so it was only Stizz and Yung Miami on the track this time. Stizz hops on an instrumental that is charged up with boom baps and hi-hats as he lays an anthemic verse and chorus. The word “Perfect” rings throughout the song as Stizz ends many lines with it and cements an infectious hook around it. Yung Miami is solid counter-part as she lays her rhymes at a similar pace as Stizz and overall just rides the beat.

As the visual kicks off, Stizz explains the money follows him wherever he goes and then proceeds to be watched by the police for the remaining duration. The video is shot in a suburban neighborhood where there are many things happening at once as Stizz gives retrospective insights and it is played out in the background. The video production is awfully riveting and slick as it was a great return for Cousin Stizz. Look out for Stizz’s new project on the horizon as “Perfect” is just a piece of the whole pie.

Enjoy “Perfect” below.