Jul 24, 2019

Cotis releases an impressive 8 track EP


by TRummel


Extensively, we’ve covered COTIS on the site. The twenty-year-old Vancouver artist has wowed us with his dynamic, ultra-clean sound, and he’s come correct with every release of his thus far.

Today, COTIS has released his sophomore EP, Patience, and, spanning eight tracks, it gives us a medley of every style COTIS has. There are pop, rap, indie, and even dance elements on it, and there isn’t one instance throughout where it seems like he’s taking a break at all. You can tell he’s putting thought into every line and every production choice (shout out Andrew Luce), and what births from that is a full-bodied project that drips with appeal.

There isn’t a bad place to start on this project (it almost plays through like a mixtape), so, listen chronologically (or on shuffle) below, and watch out for a lot more from the rising artist this year.