Sep 17, 2018

“Blue hundreds on me like Dory, shortie call me daddy no Maury”.


by Mike_Squid


It’s Monday, which means back to the 9-5 for many of us. The corporate life if you will. Emerging new artist Corporate Lingo is here to shake up our boring mornings with an infectious new slapper that also features rising artists Tony Shhnow and Larry Loudpack.

The track, “Racks Santana” will have you wanting to pull up on your boss to hand him your two weeks notice. While the song is filled with punchlines, my personal favorite had to be “Blue hundreds on me like Dory. Shortie call me daddy, no Maury”

The bouncing new track is sure to replace your need for a morning coffee as the energy on this track is contagious.

Press play below.