by Mus


Corporate Lingo is fun to listen to. It’s only when you realize the music is hard (read: good) that the sheer dichotomy of the two qualities leave you hopeful for the future and eager to witness the artist’s discography and videography progress.

There are shots in the new music video for “All Day” that feel very Worldstar and there are shots that feel very The Wolf of Wall Street. Thus, we now have the best juxtapositional representation of the Corporate Lingo brand. In just a little over 3:00, we are offered a glimpse into the typical American corporate employee with rap dreams and the inner workings of his subconscious.

The song is co-produced by Corporate Lingo‘s long-time friend and collaborator Yung Zoot. The music video, shot and edited by JZNT, features cameos from rising Atlanta stars Danger Incorporated, Hanzo, EVK95 of 808 MafiaDylan Elliott, and more.

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