by AHoward


Cover art for, “Ghost”

Making it in the music industry is one of the strangest things know to man. While some people are able to pop within moments of beginning career, others have to play the long game.

Everybody takes a different route, & Connecticut native Dash Flash has utilized features as a way to get his music in the most hands as possible. After dropping a few with the likes of D Savage & Rich The Kid, he returns with his Grownboitrap assisted banger, “Ghost.”

Clocking in at roughly three minutes, the song would be considered long by today’s standards. Despite this, the track never gets stale & keeps you tuned in the whole time with witty lyrics & anthemic bars that make for a good time. With a list of credible features to accompany his solid catalog, Dash Flash is on track to pop at any moment.

Check out, “Ghost” below.