Sep 9, 2019

Making Eazy Money Pimpin’ Hoes In Style.


by DevinRobertson


Memphis is home to one of the strongest scenes in hip-hop today. From producers to MCs, the city is one of the hottest in the world. Burgeoning rapper Co Cash is one of the reasons why.  Known for his work with Tay Keith, he’s back with a dynamic video for his track M.E.M (Making Eazy Money) directed by Zach Hurth and Co Cash. In the clip, Co hits the diamond with a spiked bat and lays down a flurry of witty and flex-fueled bars. 

 With production from Dreamchasers producer Hitkidd, MEM is a love letter to Memphis with its distinctly Memphis sound. Co Cash’s blazing flow is equally as boisterous as it is dexterous as he bends words with little effort.The trio of Co Cash, Hitkidd, and Zach Hurth shows that not only is Memphis taking over, its gonna be a long reign.