Sep 30, 2015

Chuck Inglish lets loose another single before Everybody’s Big Brother drops October 2nd


by Duke


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Chuck Inglish is just fun, man. The music pretty much never falls below HVRD on the richter scale, he embraces the throwback and we get songs like “Freaknik 96”. Nobody’s making this music anymore, the ill party music. Plus, every time I hear a new Chuck song, I just start imagining the crazy 90’s references that’ll be in the video. I’m predicting Kimmy Gibbler twerking in front of a dark green 96 Geo Metro while Chuck plays Toy Story on Sega Genesis. Somebody better start letting yerboi direct these videos pretty soon. Yung Shyamalan with the plot, cuz I got all the twists, boi.

Just saying, Toy Story on Genesis was post-lit (whatever adjective we start calling things after lit). Also, you can play it online. To all my cubicle thugs out there, keep your Alt-Tab game on a trillion and ride the rest of your day out with Buzz & Woody. Pause.

Preorder Everybody’s Big Brother on iTunes now, drops October 2nd.