Jan 4, 2019

Chris Rivers beats this beat up like a blackbelt.


by ASadler


You ever wondered what it would be like if Jackie Chan rapped for real? Probably not, but today you can get a slight glimpse. Bronx bomber Chris Rivers, son of the late Big Pun, dropped off some lyrical punches and kicks in the form of his freestyle video titled “Bruce Lee” and shot by IHateKannon.

Using the beat from Nicki Minaj‘s popular single “Chun Li” he shows us that although he comes from a legendary lineage of rappers and many may think that leads to hand outs, he can hold his own when it comes to the bars. With no wasted bars, he reminds us just how talented he is compared to the rest of y’all and the women come easy when you’re that good. “Edible, just give me 30 minutes and I might hit.”

Some folks fight in the background of the video before Rivers steps up and takes them all out. Could be a metaphor for the trajectory his career is going because his wordplay and diction makes him a standout, up and coming talent from the very clustered pack of New York acts.

Chris is gearing up for the release of his next project G.I.T.U set to drop later this year. With a quick exhibition like this, I am definitely looking forward to what comes next, Hell, Nicki might even have to throw him on a track if Cardi B doesn’t get to it first. BX, stand up. Check out the video for “Bruce Lee” above.