Sep 22, 2015

Chris J. is just trying to ‘Party’ guys, let him live


by Duke



I literally could not introduce this song any better than Miami artist Chris J. did here. Stream the Nascent-produced “Party” below, and follow Chris on Soundcloud for more new music.

“The song ‘party’ is pretty self explanatory just by the title of the song. The song is basically my point of view of the subject and also an explanation of what is coming to my mind at the time. At the same time exposing my personal life to the listener’s ears just to give them a little info on myself. Party is the first single off my upcoming project produced by nascent who has worked with 50, Lil Wayne, and recently on Dr. Dre’s Compton album and will be the first single off of a project I’m working on titled Blame Rap, so anyway before i continue to type away, take a listen and enjoy!”