Feb 3, 2019

Let Choker get the best of your emotions with brand new video for “DUALSHOCK”.

Kyaira Ortloff

by Kyaira Ortloff


Michigan based musician & producer, Choker, is equivalent to what we would typically define as a “Renaissance Man”, with his talents being omnipresent in various areas. With everything that he creates coming from a place of meaning and deep expression, Choker has quite the knack for being able to take new directions when generating sounds, lacking the typical structure that most artists have which releases him from any stereotype you can possibly apply to him.

On January 30, Choker and his team released the official music video for “DUALSHOCK”, the first single to be showcased from the second installment of his “Filling Space” project titled “Dog Candy”, which is set to release today. Directed by Christopher Lloyd & Tyler Smith, the visual is filled with ethereal moments that highlight the raw emotion behind the lyrics. “She cries, she screams/She never believes me/So what? x2/I just want someone who’ll leave me alone/When I get home..” Choker sings harmoniously as he lays in side by side with Taylor Heryford, harmonizing & parlaying over their connection. The visual emphasizes many dimensions of warmth and fervor, as point-of-view camera angles create an interpersonal link between the artist and the viewer. The use of vivid colors and textures in the video boost the fiery intensity, giving this visual a unique strength in its approach.

Press play on “DUALSHOCK” below: