April 07, 2019

The folk singer is done surrendering and ready to dominate.


Boston-based artist Carol has released her debut project, Softest Destroyer, compiling a curious blend of raw folk-inspired sounds to trace her journey as a poet-turned-musician. Through delicate, sparkling instrumentation and piercing, unhindered lyricism, Carol converts her suppression into strength. She impressively condenses a lifetime of joy, frustration, confusion, and empowerment into a cathartic 15 minutes.

Artwork by: Devon Bailey

When asked about the meaning of the title, Carol proclaimed, “In our devotion to love of all kinds, we can ultimately be the catalyst for our own self destruction”.

If you’ve been scouring ELEVATOR for hours and are ready to refresh your tired eardrums with some 808-less tunes, Carol may provide the medicine you need.