Jul 18, 2019

by jcaramanno

Submissions Manager


marc from the Caribbean is a breezy new artist looking to make waves. He has just released a passionate new single titled, “mistake” and the mellow instrumental is provided by sensu. marc evidently possesses massive talent as he also plays the acoustic guitar and can deliver such airy vocals to pair up with his instrumentals. Coming from the islands, marc emits a laid back spirit and a strong sense of how to create a blissfully harmonic track. marc is undeniably an artist who can hook a listener with his relatable melodies along with the reflective lyrics.

marc sings about a relationship he did not feel ready for and he can be quoted as saying, “the song is about this girl that I met and started hanging out with. At first, I didn’t think much of it, I wasn’t even trying to get involved with her. But then I found myself developing deeper feelings for her than I expected too…That’s the mistake I’m talking about in the song”. Keep marc on your radar as he is just getting started and still has a bright path in front of him.

Enjoy “mistake” below.