There’s something about being introduced to a song and it’s music video simultaneously that just hits different sometimes. This happened for me the other night when I decided to watch Cardi B and Bruno Mars’s “Please Me” video without listening to the song first.

The two work well together musically and seem to enjoy it as this is their second collab since Cardi hopped on “Finesse” back in 2016. However, things were less platonic this time around.

“Please Me” finds Bruno begging Cardi for her to please him. Now, I’m not a huge fan of Cardi B, but both this song and video have me feeling some type of way. Both play on their sexy side to create on-screen chemistry that is almost fully believable. (2:12-2:15 is my favorite part of the video but I’ll let y’all see why).

Cardi and Bruno are two-for-two in bops so let’s see if they can keep this up.