Feb 3, 2019

by ASadler


Okay, so I legit just heard Nicki Minaj‘s verse for “Drip Too Hard” through a Tweet video. It evidently debuted on today’s edition of Queen Radio. The video was only one minute and 19 seconds long, but more than enough for me to confidently say, why Nicki…why?

I get it, you want to come back in a big way after Queen didn’t get the best reception. I think some original music might’ve been better than flopping on Lil Baby and Gunna‘s hit that was doing perfectly fine on its own. I get it, business decision but you gotta snap if you’re gonna jump on a track like this. The mark being missed is an understatement.

It felt awkward and out of place, her voice didn’t sound good, and it’s really not her kind of beat. I don’t know for sure if it was rushed, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear it was. Now, that “Going Bad” verse was somethin’. She had smoke for a few people and I think it will lead to some interesting conversation over the next week before something bigger happens. Not to mention, on a beat that Drake and Meek Mill just reunited on and killed?!? Spice.

Nicki, I know how talented you are and can be when you really lock in. You’re too focused on the antics right now and delivering half-hearted efforts. I’m not saying I miss the old Nicki but the old Nicki gave me “Moment For Life.” I’m all the way good on new Nicki if we’re gonna continue getting this. Sigh.

Check out the “Drip Too Hard” and “Going Bad” verses below.