May 04, 2020

Internet Money goes country



A truly original and fearless artist, Calgary-bred, singer, songwriter, and producer Turbo combines the gritty authenticity of outlaw country with hard-hitting hip-hop inspired beats and rhymes. On “Heart Stop”, his debut single for 10K Projects/Homemade Projects/Internet Money Records, out today, the musical maverick shows the sheer force of his emotionally raw lyrics, along with his razor-sharp instinct for crafting unforgettable hooks. “Heart Stop” reveals Turbo speaking his unapologetic truth about living fast with no regrets, set to a backdrop of gorgeous acoustic-guitar work supplied by labelmate Alec Wigdahl. Internet Money continues to slowly take over with countless hit worthy records. Turbo is going to an issue, make sure to follow up for upcoming releases.

Stream now:

Instagram: @kill.turbo 

Twitter: @kill_turbo