Jan 4, 2019

Press play on Caal Vo’s new video.


by ASadler


We’re kicking 2019 off with a whole lotta gang shit courtesy of Caal Vo for his new visual “Go 2.” The 19-year-old out of Norfolk, Virginia puts autotune to full use, flashing money and his double cup over the melodic repetition of “go, go, go.”

He brags about the luxurious brands he sports and how his crew is virtually unmatched by anyone else. It’s a cocky anthem with a heavy bass sure to incinerate an aux cord. There is potential here, and I’d be interested in seeing the next move Caal makes sonically. Drawing inspiration from Future, Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert and The-Dream means he’s got a multitude of directions to take it next. I’m not mad at this display, but I am interested in seeing how he can set himself apart.

Caal Vo has previously worked with the likes of SenseiATL and Dee Money over the course of his time making music. He’s a confident, hard-working young man with the itch to get better. With the right moves and effort, he could perhaps one day put Norfolk in the upper echelon of music cities. Check out the video for “Go 2” below.