Nov 20, 2018

C.S. Armstrong brings his distinct style to Colors Studios.

Kyaira Ortloff

by Kyaira Ortloff


If this is your first time hearing about C.S. Armstrong, it won’t be the last which is promising. The entrancing soulful singer has made it to A COLORS SHOW stage, gracing us with a raw and emotional performance, reminiscing on old moments and feelings through his lyrics on “City In Ruins”.

C.S. executed his performance with poise, unbelievably blowing his vocal abilities out of the water. His raspy yet angelic tone grasps the ears of each listener without a doubt, harboring an incomparable excellence that only C.S. can tap into.

Wearing overalls, checkered Vans, and Versace sunglasses, C.S. showcases simplicity with a subtle flex—reciting lyrics that scream a prodigious humility. “I remember how it fell to pieces/Sitting in ruins/No believers/Bless their hearts..” C.S. reflects on past experiences of self-doubt, however embracing the changes and evolutionary period he had to go through to get to where he is now.

As he continues to dig into the ears and hearts of his listeners, he gives us his first verse—ripping off his shades and looking directly into the camera. C.S. is one of the first artists I’ve seen connect this way through A COLORS SHOW, unquestionably making his performance one for the books.

Press play below to view his profound performance: