Feb 18, 2019

“Okay they mad, they hurtin, got haters, they hurtin.”


by ASadler


Branding a flow that almost feels frantic and video game-sounding synths, Burguhnd from the 615 has delivered yet another track that is sure to cause some stress for the haters. “Hurtin” is an ode to his grind and an acknowledgment that the higher he goes the less he’ll be accepted.

“We bypass ’em on the way to the top” shows how unbothered he is, an attitude many of us should embody. Often we spend too much time reflecting on the negativity people throw our way instead of why they feel the need to be negative toward us. “When they see a nigga shining they gon try to hold you” is a double-edged sword as the same success that may draw people away, draws them in and they try to leech.

The energy is high but the message is clear. Find something else to do, because the hate isn’t phasing this rapper. Definitely tap into his older work too such as “Too Much” or “Police” after pressing play on “Hurtin” below. Nice work, Burguhnd.