Oct 15, 2015

Today in Bukkweat Bill news, Lex Luger is set to produce Trap Demon 2 in its entirety


by Duke



If you missed Bukkweat Bill’s Trap Demon, you’re a filthy little gerbil (his words, not yerboi’s). Not because we put it out exclusively, or put out an ill video to accompany it, but because it was fuego front-to-back. If I can survive living with him for a couple months and still fuck with it, you know it’s good. That brings me to today’s news; Bukk’s follow-up Trap Demon 2 will be entirely produced by Lex Luger. Ummmm, wait what? He told me the other day but part of me was like, ok this dude hit the 40 a little early today. Then I saw this, and I knew it was lit. No word on a date yet, but keep it locked right here and I’ll keep you in the loop. Bukkweat Fucking Bill, he did it again…