Jul 27, 2019

Bryson Tiller has returned.


by Cydney Lee


My R&B king has returned, but only for a hot second. Bryson Tiller dropped a heartfelt, two-minute single titled “Blame” and while it’s a little short, I’m not complaining.

The singer has been rather ducked off for the last year or so. His last album, True to Self, arrived in May 2017 and he has only been featured on a few other songs since then.

I’m grateful for this new song. Fans need to learn to be patient and understand that our favorite creatives are humans too and have personal lives like the rest of us. I’ve seen many people on the timeline wondering what the singer has been up to during his quiet time off, even slandering him for not putting out music fast enough for their liking. Bryson has provided us with little to no updates on his creative process and quite frankly, he doesn’t need to because he doesn’t owe us anything. No artist does.

Listen to “Blame” below and be patient. I’m sure he has more up his sleeve.