Jul 7, 2019

The young emcee is still applying pressure.


by jcaramanno

Submissions Manager

Bry Greatah returns with another heater titled, “Muddy”. The track is produced by Kingdrumdummie and he provides a slower and elating instrumental for Bry to flow over. Bry delivers another versatile banger as he demonstrates multiple rhyme-schemes and delivery patterns in his own unique way. The 17-year-old is carving his own lane and culture with his flow and lifestyle as he is still evolving and reaching his full potential. Bry explains he comes from the dirt that’s why he’s so “Muddy”, as it is an introspective track that reflects his ways of life along with his guys.

The visual is executed by Li Stizzy as he highlights Bry and his guys posted at a convenience store and Bry riding around in a car. Stizzy offers hazy and euphoric editing as Bry flows in the car to the camera with low lighting. Overall the entire production encapsulates Bry’s swag and strong presence on the track. Bry is only further heightening the hype for his next project as it should be dropping very shortly and Muddy is only a glimpse of what is to come.

Enjoy “Muddy” below.