June Morales

by June Morales


Broward County artist Gregory Goldwire debuts on our pages with a visual for his latest single “FOCUS” which is the lead single off of his second solo project titled BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE (release to be announced soon!). The visual shares the story of Goldwire as a child building a time machine to travel to the future; to Goldwire’s surprise he himself ages along the journey in a time warp landing in an open field of wildlife. Throughout the course of the video he is seen mobbing with his comrades (Stay True ’til Infinity Collective) in determination to stay the course and remain focused. The final scenes capture him facing off with his younger self, seeing that if he keeps on his path following his dreams –  from a child growing into a man he will achieve his lifelong goals to be where he was destined to be. I love this music video because it has an actual story line! Well thought out and the song itself is great; focus is a key component to growth and progress. I can’t wait to continue to see his growth as an artist.

Follow Gregory Goldwire on Instagram & Twitter – click the YouTube link below to watch the music video for “FOCUS.”