Dec 16, 2015

BRNSTRM are back with a brand new original song, and it’s something we all need to hear once in awhile. Express yourself!


by Duke



California duo BRNSTRM consists of Arielle Deem on vocals and Efa Etoroma Jr. on percussion and production. We’ve told you about Arielle before, and you may have heard the pair’s incredible remix of Kendrick’s “These Walls” but today they’re back with a brand new original song. Stream “Paper To Pen” below, a minimalistic submarine navigating the waves of self-expression with a gentle ease. Deem lets Etoroma’s distinct rhythm guide her, while her impressive vocal range does the rest, incorporating complementary synths to add to the song’s lofty vibe. The song subtly urges the listener to express themselves as well, to “let go of doubt” and say what you need to say.

If you want to see BRNSTRM in action, check out their performance of “Paper To Pen” from The Troubadour in LA below.