June 19, 2020

A Project That Carries Substance And Depth



Music is a powerful healing component during times of distress. Whether it’s somebody utilizing their platform to put smiles on peoples’ faces, or somebody who chooses to write about relatable topics that aren’t so jolly, music always has its place in the healing process. Coming from Brooklyn, rising duo Briguel has built their entire career off of this notion, and they double down on their engaging new project, ‘2020 Vision.’

Comprised of Brianne Berkson and Miguel Gluckstern, Briguel is an engaging artist couple that connected with Andres Gonzalez — also the founder of the Holistic Life Foundation — to form this album. Produced entirely by Matt Chiaraville, 2020 Vision is an uplifting, inspirational EP that finds its’ footing through poignant lyrics, intriguing melodies, and tranquility that eases the mind. With Brianne handling singing duties while Miguel and Andres provide the lyricism, the trio makes for a formidable team, proving that Briguel also has the ability to play well with others.

Standouts from the project include, “Different View,” a bilingual, upbeat song that promotes positive energy and inclusion, “Rainbow,” a more downtempo, sobering track that showcases their ability to relate to the listener and, “No One Really Knows,” the couple’s most well-known track to date.

Check out the project below and get familiar with Briguel

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