Nashville MC Brian Brown has dropped his second single in the past two months ahead of his much anticipated full-length project Journey that Brown has teased his adherents with for several months, and this taste of Brian’s art has me all the more excited for the release. “Ghetto’s Hymn” is a heartfelt and nostalgic tribute to the environment he was raised in and features much commentary from an artist who isn’t pigeonholed as a trap rapper, but rather was raised adjacent to this and brings a fresh perspective on an inner-city adolescence that only a wordsmith as skilled as Brian Brown could offer.

The instrumental is light and bubbly and open for Brown to speak his mind. His delivery is a bit reserved, only amplifying his appreciation and emotions towards the track’s subject matter. Journey could be dropping any day now, and this single is yet another taste of the massive lyrical talent that Brian Brown possesses.

Stream “Ghetto’s Hymn” here: