Oct 21, 2018

Brent Faiyaz is feeling “Lost”.


by TRummel


Brent Faiyaz has killed it the past few years, and he’s managed to do so while remaining low-key, which is impressive and refreshing all the same. Credit Human Re Sources, the savvy, and equally quiet platform behind him, but also his sultry, deeply personal songs. Brent doesn’t make filler music, and he certainly doesn’t pander to trends at all.

With Lost, the R&B singer’s new project, we get six tracks totaling eighteen minutes, so, while short, it packs a multitude of tropes that Faiyaz describes to Billboard HERE. Sonically, this one is a slow-burner, but that’s been Faiyaz’s calling card, and, given how proficient he is with it, we’re not mad about that at all. This one blends introspection and extroversion perfectly, and it complements all the brilliant R&B releases that are currently out.