Feb 12, 2019

“Young nigga, ballin’ like I’m Shaq, 50 Cent, I got the Power to the max”.


by ASadler


At the end of the day, all we really want is a lot of racks, right? Okay, maybe a wife, kids, a cute dog, and a pool. But a lot of those things can be acquired with money! Boxxquiat is laying out the blueprint for us on this upbeat celebratory jam “Stacks” where he flaunts his drip and income.

The synth and bass-heavy beat surrounds his melodic tone and choppy flow, creating a fun song to dance and flex to. This is Boxx’s first single of the year, and it’s definitely got some potential to be played in clubs and cars.  “That’s a fact, I won’t hit her back” is high-key a candidate for my next Instagram caption but I post too infrequently for that. I guess Boxx will have to deliver another catchy line soon for me.

Hailing from Queens, NY this is Boxx’s first offering since the success of his debut singles “Blessings” and “Stone Cold.” Both tracks exceeded 20k plays within the first week of dropping, so his impact and following are clear.

The Bronx-born artist ain’t nothing to mess with, much like his place he was born. Boxx will happily flex on you. Check out “Stacks” below and stay on his good side.