by GregGaffney


Big Leano, in the midst of a tour run with another Boston native, Cousin Stizz, dropped his latest mixtape, “Packula,” late last night. This 8-track mixtape feels like the appetizer for the main course that could come soon, but in the mean time, Packula is a highly enjoyable body of work, packed with hard-hitting instrumentals and hilariously quotable lyrics. Leano has a penchant for penning hits fit for performance, with cuts like “She Want,” “Travel Clothes,” and the unforgettable “Lean For Sale.”

Packula comes equipped with great replay value, especially with tracks like Broke, Bowls, and Vengeance. Leano’s personality shines through the lyrics, showcasing his day-to-day, as well as his cheeky sense of humor, which has been a theme found in his earlier tracks as well. Make sure to check out the mixtape below via Spotify.