by ASadler


Perhaps it’s not so bad getting your girl stolen from you when it’s done by someone as funny as BOREGARD. His new video for “Plans” is a fun display of creativity, coupled with a warning that he can and will take what’s yours. “Tell your mans that you and your friends got plans.” Simple as that.

The visual, directed by Planet Shubh, opens with the Atlanta rapper doing a commercial for his gym named Two Timers. He offers men a free lesson if they bring their girlfriends, but it has to happen in separate rooms obviously. He gets his lift in, smokes a bit, and stands by while his security guard gets his punches in on a bag. Then we get into the good stuff.

As the Popstar Benny-produced track transitions, BOREGARD assumes the role of a spy seeking out his next target who happens to be with her boyfriend on a bench. He peers through his binoculars and then gets to work. Scenes of him flexing with his latest steal, wielding a sword, and helping other women workout pop up as he raps along. There’s a Slick Rick feel to his voice and flow, which makes sense as he credits him, Childish Gambino, Invader Zim, Lil B, and Michael Jackson as his biggest influences. There are elements of all of their creative artistry throughout both the track and video.

BOREGARD spent a good part of 2018 releasing a song once per month, typically on the 13th day of each month. He has opened for Ty Dolla $ignEmmerson, and Phyno as well as maintaining resident artist status at the Masquerade. Since 2013, he has released projects such as TRUSTFALL, MONOLOGUE, and FREE ACTION with Kenny Mason.

An artist with a sense of humor like BOREGARD’s certainly has a place in music, and we anticipate more of his personality coming out in future work. Guard your girl and check out the “Plans” at the link here