by ASadler


“Welcome to the West.” Blake Banks is back with another track, expressing relief that he isn’t his ex and reflecting on the diamonds dancing on his neck. There’s a slight sinister sound to open The Ambulance Factory-produced track, and his tone definitely comes off as one of hostility.

I mean, with all those references to an ex, there has to be some fire within him. We all boss up with somebody in mind, even if we deny it. It’s possible Banks was with someone who didn’t believe in him, and now he’s making all of his wildest dreams come true on the west coast while they have to sit and watch. That’d surely have my ego on high.

This is his latest for 2019, after the wild west-inspired “Born 2 Ball” visual in January. It’s unclear whether or not Banks has a project coming, but we can count on a flashy single every so often in the meantime. Check out “Welcome To The West” below.