Jan 29, 2019

Blake Banks was “Born 2 Ball”.


by ASadler


“You know I got game, I was born to ball.” You might’ve known Blake Banks had game, but not in this way. In unique fashion, he mounts a horse and combines scenes from Hannie Caulder to deliver the creative “Born 2 Ball” video. It’s a melodic rap track full of bravado, and it actually fits quite well with the visuals.

You see gun duels, long horseback rides, and peaceful walks on the beach along the sunset. Can’t complain about Richelle Welch’s beautiful self-appearing too. It’s got all the elements of a 70s cowboy film combined with the energy of modern day pop-rap track. The visual features direction by ikilledKiki, film work by Ogun Pleas, and editing by FILOSOFI. There was definitely a collection of creative minds when this was cooked up.

This visual comes months after the single’s release and precedes future work for the California-based artist. He has plenty in the tuck, and California as a whole is really making noise to set the year off. Check out “Born 2 Ball” and make sure you stay on the West Coast folks’ good sides. They got shooters.