Jan 1, 2019

Blake Banks is looking to work his magic in 2019.


by ASadler


What better way to close off 2018 than one last flex? Los Angeles lyricist Blake Banks is back again for one last big moment, dropping off his new single “The Magician.” It’s got all the West Coast vibes; mid-tempo, piano keys, and a voice that could easily translate to making a big pop hit.

It’s a victory lap of sorts, with the Rockford, Illinois born rapper essentially reminds us about his cash flow, the women who come in and out of his life, and basically he’s a boss. “Imma let my nuts hang cause my fuckin’ chain heavy.” Well, alright then. He’s got a very fun flow, coupled with clear metaphors and clever wordplay.

You may not know this guy of first listen, but you’re bound to have heard him at some point. Over the course of Banks’ career, he’s toured with G Eazy, collaborated with Post Malone twice, Famous Dex once, and YSL Duke. He’s a self-made artist who is looking toward an even bigger 2019 as he has multiple releases at the ready.

As envious as I am of Blake enjoying that Los Angeles sun as it rains in New Jersey, I have to say this track was a good one. Tune in, catch his energy, and end 2018 like a boss. Or a magician. Both work.