Dec 19, 2018

An experimental offering to round out the year.


by HOwens


Blackheart is a unique artist. His production and autotuned vocals often blend together to create a psychedelic vibe. His last two projects Bedroom Artist Blues and The Vibrant Pink are examples of this, as he fuses futuristic melodies with nostalgic, video game-esque beats on songs like “Static Shock”. On his new album A Blackheart’s Paradise, he’s at his most experimental yet.

A Blackheart’s Paradise is a journey in to a world that exists Blackheart’s mind. Throughout the album’s 23 minute duration, you’re taken on sonic quests that engulf you in stream of consciousness synths and keys, creating a dense yet lo-fi atmosphere. Blackheart’s vocals across the project merely act as enhancers as the beat, as his faint croons almost feel like synths themselves. The album ranges from bright, happy-go-lucky rap beats to off-kilter, melancholic ambience, that all blends together in an effort to immerse the listeners in peculiarity and ambition.

Listen to A Blackheart’s Paradise below, and look out for more from Blackheart in 2019.