Aug 20, 2019

“Heart of a vegan I live for the greens”

June Morales

by June Morales


West Coast artist Bl3u wants the bag and nothing more – as she makes abundantly clear in her new single, appropriately titled “Bag”. The track is catchy, and is a likely contender to end up stuck in your head for the remainder of summer .  Bl3u gets into some real rap with this one, dishing out similes and metaphors while simultaneously twisting her words into melodic, rhyming hybrids. With witty one liners such as  “Heart of a vegan I live for the greens”, the MC is making it obvious she takes the lyrical approach to her music even when making a single thats intended to turn up a party. Something else cool about Bl3u, is that she holds status as the first lady of the House of Trap Inc.a, a record label from South Florida. I had the opportunity to interview her a few months back (will be released soon) and she is not only talented and beautiful, but also has a great perspective to share as a young woman in the music industry.

Click the SoundCloud link below to listen.