Feb 7, 2019

BJay is gearing up for something special.


by ASadler


I’ve always kind of assumed rappers would use the studio as a place to invite women. Studios are generally cool places to be, and the whole mystery of artists and their processes tends to draw people in. Thus, it makes perfect sense Baton Rouge artist Bjay is sending out those “WYD” texts from the booth as he sings allow to the slow knocker “Pull Up.”

The bass in his voice makes this one sultry for sure, but the bass in the mid-tempo beat produced by DJ Kale gives it some turn up energy. Whether he’s singing into the mic, sitting on the couch, or standing by the boards it’s clear the artist has one goal in mind. The look in his eyes is one of a man with a will to win, and the shot falling in his artistic playground.

The Louisiana boy had one of the hottest songs of the decade in his home state with “Turn Up” and is currently working on mixtape #TheArtOfFinesse set to drop later this year.

Until then, tap into the “Pull Up” visual and be inspired to shoot your shot.