August 13, 2019

BIGBABYGUCCI is continually proving that he is a force to be reckoned with.


BIGBABYGUCCI has been a prominent fixture in the underground since his first widely acclaimed release Gucci’s Universe in early 2018, and since he has experimented with various styles artistically and worked with a number of producers steadily finding his voice and sound more and more with each release, and his vast catalog has more flavors and versatility than most artists could dream of attacking. His new EP Send Help is the culmination of this artistic experimentation and the resulting sound is a perfect mix of melodic hooks and introspective verses. It really seems like BIGBABYGUCCI has a solid hold on his own personal identity throughout this project, but while amidst the budding fame, money, and drugs he still needs some form of fulfillment. While musically he is very much on the right track Gucci struggles to find his way as an individual in Send Help. This moratorium relates well to his audience and it is clear that many adolescents will easily identify with what Gucci is also searching for. The production on this EP is marvelous and comes from several sources including Bobby Johnson, Joe Dirt, Fish, SenseiATL, Honorable C-Note, and Harold Harper, and was mixed and recorded by the aforementioned Joe Dirt and SenseiATL, as well as Mark Carson. This release is fantastic and I am very, very impressed by the artistic development of BIGBABYGUCCI and am certain that he is well on his way to huge things.

Stream Send Help here: