by AHoward


More & more, artists are beginning to come around on the Audiomack train. And they’re seeing results. One entity that’s blindly loyal to this method is Rosecrans Avenue, a creative collective from Los Angeles who have their hands in practically everything. Today, they recruit some of LA’s finest in Big $wiftT Swish Rob Two for their new Audiomack exclusive single, “Bankrolls”.

Produced by Romo and Suparizz, “Bankrolls” is a fun, bouncy Southern California song that’s tailor-made for keeping you awake through traffic. With the 3 emcees all bringing different strengths to the record — $wift’s big smooth crooning style for example — the song never feels stagnant. With Romo providing the perfect, infectious backdrop for the trio to skate over, it’s no surprise that this song has already begun trending on Audiomack.

Check out, “Bankrolls” below and immerse yourself in Los Angeles culture.