June 01, 2021

Florida rapper making waves


Trapland Pat is coming for the summer. Over the course of the last few weeks perhaps no one else has hit the scene as hard as Pat, who has released a series of intriguing visuals that culminated recently with this video for "Big Business". 

The Florida rapper raps with wide-eyed astonishment, seemingly at his own bars sometimes which become as animated as his facial expressions. To be honest, the sheer confidence Trapland Pat employs on the track here just makes you want to pay attention or risk missing out on something. "Big Business" is a great timely Florida record that fits canon. Bouncy, tongue in cheek at times while staying grounded in real-life situations like getting the rent paid and moving weight. But it's all encapsulated by a fun vibe that I suppose comes from all that sun. 

Trapland Pat is here to stay. Get in tune with the latest before its too late.